Timeshare Closing Links

Here are some internet resources that provide helpful information regarding the timeshare closing process...

Although it is sometimes shrouded in mystery, the Timeshare closing process is actually quite simple. Once you close the deal and select an appropriate timeshare closing company (some of which are linked below), you can expect the process to be something like the following:

First, the Timeshare Closing company will gather: the prior deed, an estoppel letter from the resort specifying the status of maintenance fees and various other facts related to the timeshare, and a title search (if requested).

Second, the closing documents are prepared, reviewed by attorneys and mailed to both the Buyer and Seller for signatures.

Third, Once all documents are returned signed and the balance of the purchase price from the Buyer, the funds are placed into a separate escrow pending the final closing and disbursement.

Fourth, Upon clearance of the funds and after an attorney reviews all closing documents once again, the funds are disbursed and the new deed is recorded with the County clerk.

Lastly, the newly recorded deed and notification of transfer is mailed to both the Resort and Buyer.

Closing Companies

Transfer My Timeshare - Transfer My Timeshare Offers the Pinnacle of Timeshare Resale and Rental Services
Timeshare Title - Your Timeshare closing done right the first time.
Timeshare Closing Services - Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. is one of the most well established title companies, specializing in facilitating timeshare transfers of even the most difficult properties.
JRA Services - Timeshare Resale Closing Specialists
Timeshare Closings For Less - Closings done right, done fast, done for less
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