History of Timeshare

Timeshare first appeared in Europe in the mid 60's and the first American programs began in 1969. By 1975 there were 45 USA resorts with over 10,000 members. Since 1975 timesharing has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the vacation travel industry.

Today there are over 4,000 resorts in over 80 countries. But other changes were also happening during this 20 year period. Intervals were becoming more flexible and easier to use and exchange. Starting with mostly fixed weeks, we now have floating time, split weeks, quarter shares, fractional, clubs and points. This new flexibility has now attracted the major hotel players like Marriott, Disney, Hilton, Embassy Suites and Ramada.

The biggest early misconception about timeshares is that they were an investment in real estate and like all real estate (in the 80's) they would have short term appreciation. Timeshare is an investment in a vacation lifestyle that pays off over time, and provides more benefits the longer you own and use it. If you like to vacation and want the benefits of a luxury suite for the price of a normal hotel room .... then timeshare is for you.

Timesharing is a unique way to own or use resort accommodations for a certain period of time each year without the responsibility of year round ownership. Timesharing is a way of dividing the ownership of a vacation home into a number of individually held intervals or time periods. Once divided, the use and the cost of maintaining the resort dwelling is split among the individual owners based on the number of weeks each has purchased.Resort timesharing can be categorized into two broad areas:

Buying an OWNERSHIP INTEREST in real estate.

Buying the RIGHT TO USE a living space for a specified number of years without actually owning an interest in the real estate.

Ownership interest offers buyers the dual protection of title to the property and title insurance. Owners can will, lease, or sell their interest as well as mortgage their interest and may enjoy the same tax benefits as with home ownership. Non-Ownership or Right to Use timesharing allows the buyers occupancy rights for a specified number of years, but does not place membership families in an equity position. There may be limitations on the rental or resale of the interest and when the membership period ends the occupancy rights revert to the owning entity.

Why Buy A Timeshare/Vacation Ownership?

Our choice for the top five reasons (in no particular order)

1. It's easy to have years go by while you plan to "someday" go on vacation. When you own a timeshare, it is a vacation waiting to happen. One nice advantage is when you are going somewhere and you have to pay airfare, it's nice to have your condo paid for in advance. It's easy to just make a reservation, then pack up and go, when you have a choice of beautiful resorts, and a travel department ready to help with your airline needs.

2. A motel room doesn't compare to the luxury of a fully furnished condo. You can "move-in" to your own place, rather than feeling like you're living out of a suitcase. The completely stocked kitchens are great for those times when you don't want to go out for meals. From the toaster to the popcorn popper, to the blender, you'll feel like you're at home. Packing a weeks worth of clothing for a family takes up a lot of room. With a washer and dryer right there in your condo you can pack half as many clothes and have them washed and dried before you head home.

3. Most resorts have a variety of on-site amenities and activities. Some you might find are: on-site restaurant, swimming pools, jacuzzi, pool tables, ping-pong, work out rooms, video rental, books, games, arcade, tennis, and golfing.

4. For about the same money as it would cost to "rent" a few vacations in a nice hotel, accommodations can be owned forever in a deeded vacation timeshare condo that exchanges via computer to resorts virtually anywhere in the world. Most timeshares are located at the more high demand, exclusive, or luxury resorts. With ownership of a timeshare you are ensuring that you have exclusive use of accommodations that meet your lifestyle.

5. Ownership combined with an exchange company such as RCI gives you the flexibility to travel locally for mini get-aways, or exchange your time for a condo in an exotic or international location.


Why Do We Deal Exclusively With WorldMark Memberships?

Everyone who works at is also a WorldMark owner. We feel that WorldMark offers the best, most flexible program available today. Our resorts are luxurious, beautifully landscaped, safe, and offer a full range of amenities. Worldmark, The Club, developed by Trendwest Resorts is one of the highest rated timeshare vacation clubs in the world. Most of the resorts developed by Trendwest are 5 STAR ***** R.C.I. Gold Crown Quality Resorts! You will also notice a difference when you check into a WorldMark resort versus a "Motel," At WorldMark you are an owner, and treated as such, rather than guest number 497.

How Is WorldMark Different Than A Regular Timeshare?

WoldMark's unique, credit based system gives you the flexibility to decide how, where, and when you want to vacation. You buy a membership size that has a certain amount of credits such as 6,000 or 10,000, etc. You can save credits for up to two years, and you can "borrow" your next years credits. Each time you want to go on vacation, you use a different amount of credits depending on 1. where you want to go, 2. what season of the year it is (busy "red" season, moderately busy "white" season, or the off peak "blue" season) 3. how long you want to stay, and 4. whether you want a studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, etc. That way you are not locked into the same vacation year after year. So if you want to walk on the beach of the Oregon Coast you about a fun and flashy trip to Las Vegas, or a romantic get away to Hawaii...maybe you're a skier and want to hit the slopes of Whistler BC....whatever your idea of a fun vacation is, your WorldMark credits can take you there.

What's This Bonus Time Thing?

Bonus time is just exactly that...a bonus. The basic concept is that up to two weeks before you want to go on vacation you can call and see which resorts have space available, and instead of using your credits, you pay .04 per credit to go and stay. The advantage is that if you choose to use bonus time rather than use your credits, you can save your credits for a bigger trip, or a trip planned farther in advance, and you get to stay in a beautiful condo for around $40.00 to $60.00 per night. Bonus time is not always going to be available for you to use, but if you are flexible with when and where you want to get away, it's another great option. How Many Credits Do You Need? You need to figure out a rough idea of how and when you want to vacation. Are you a once a year for a week during the summer vacationer, or do you want to take little trips several times a year? Do you want to travel to exotic locations, or do you just want to hop in the car and get away for a few days? Any size WorldMark membership will give you the same options, but more credits translates into more vacation time. You can buy different sized memberships based on the amount of credits you think you'll need in a year, or start out with our smallest membership. As your vacation plans grow you can always add more credits later.

Maintenance Fees.... What Are They?

Maintenance fees pay for on site management of the resort, unit refurbishing, appliance and furniture replacement, telephone, power, water, insurance, security, garbage collection, landscaping, linens and laundry, maid service, and amenities such as game room, pool, tennis courts, and golf courses. Maintenance fees are assessed based on what size membership you have, and are paid annually.

How Do You Use Your Membership To Do An Exchange With RCI?

For less than a hundred dollars a year, you can become a member of Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and trade your credits and time in WorldMark for vacation time in over 4,000 other resorts worldwide. At the time you book your exchange vacation, RCI charges a nominal exchange fee for U.S. Resorts, and a few dollars more for international resorts. This is a great option if you want to travel to other countries, but also broadens your local base of available resorts too. You can choose to trade for a resort internationally, or you can exchange for a resort in your own town. It all comes back to you deciding when, where, and how you want to vacation today.

Confirm First - The WorldMark Advantage When Using RCI

Trading with other timeshare owners worldwide is what RCI is all about. The WorldMark advantage - Confirm First - is trading like it's never been done before. With this revolutionary new procedure, you simply call the WorldMark/RCI toll-free number and tell the agent where you want to go, and when you want to be there. If your requested destination is available, it'd confirmed immediately. If it is not, a search can be started and your vacation can be automatically booked when it becomes available.

With the WorldMark advantage, confirmation of your RCI vacation is always made before a single credit is deducted from your WorldMark account.

Plus, Confirm First has unmatched trading power. Unlike traditional timeshare where a single week is deposited and that particular week's value is used to match a trade, Confirm First has the collective trading power of the entire WorldMark inventory. If it's available in RCI, it's yours.

You will use approximately the same amount of credits for a week at an RCI resort, as you would use to stay a week at a WorldMark resort. Instant Exchange is an additional way to maximize your credits through RCI. If you are able to plan a vacation 45 days or less in advance, you can stay in any size unit, at any RCI resort that has space available, for only 3,000 credits per week! You also have the option of taking smaller weekend Vacation Escapes (where space is available) using credits or cash. The Vacation Escapes are a comparable program to WorldMark's bonus time. If you are flexible about where you are willing to go, these are great mini vacations.