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Rent to Own Timeshare

Learn more our exclusive rent to own program...

The "Rent to Own" program is designed to help uninformed vacation and travel consumers see and understand the Timeshare vacation memberships and ownership. Simply put there are tens of millions of timeshares listed and advertised online via internet. These ownerships and memberships are usually discounted substantially due to the fact they are for sale by owner and there are generally no commissions saving the buyer thousands. The only problem to a first time or even educated buyer is that they are looking simply looking at one or two picture with a very brief description and absolutely no information as to why it could be considered somewhat of an investment for vacation purposes.

In order to address the issue of frightful and uninformed vacation consumers we have implemented the "RTO" (Rent to Own) program to aid in this sometimes overwhelming process. The majority of timeshare owners with property for sale have an excess of vacation time available hence that's why they are selling. We utilize this time to put a potential buyer now a guest in the resort of ownership or similar resort in same name properties. The guest also the pre-approved buyer will pay the rental fee upfront; this money will remain in escrow until the vacation is taken. Upon check out, the potential buyer has 24 hours to decide whether or not the money stays in escrow to go towards down payment on cash or finance purchase, or the monies simply get put into check form and sent to the owner as payment for the vacation in full with no additional fees.

Often the rental money is enough for the down payment or installment for financing to be approved making the decision of purchase that much easier to the buyer. Typically we would invite the guest to take the 90 minute tour offering an incentive on their part (the resort) and our part for taking the tour. This allows the potential buyer able to see any benefits of vacation membership up close and personal and hands on. Thank you Mr. Timeshare Sale's man..

The process couldn.t be any simpler; we bring the property vacation experience right to the buyer and allow common sense to help in making the right decision..vacationing in luxury for less. Welcome to Resorts Transfer, Inc. Making Vacation Dreams a Reality.