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Our goal is to provide our clients and surfers the most extensive research information center on the Internet. We encourage anyone considering buying, selling or renting to read these informative web pages first. If you need more information please call us Toll Free at 866-603-4066.

Resort Look Up Section
Perhaps you've heard of a resort and now would like to learn more about this resort. Use this resort database to look it up. Search resorts by name, city, state, or country. Even if you are unsure of the complete resort name, our database most likely has your resort.

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Major Players in the Industry
As the Timeshare Resales industry grows larger certain leaders are recognized for their contribution to the industry. These leaders not only shape the future of the industry but also set the standards for the others to follow. Currently there are thousands of resorts scattered throughout the world. Companies like Fairfield, Sunterra, Celebrity, Marriott and Hilton are indeed leaders in their industry and it is for that reason that we wish to pass along this information to our visitors. Click on the links below to learn more about these timeshare resale companies. We have timeshare inventory to buy, rent or sell available in our database.

Wyndham/Fairfield - Starwood - Diamond (Sunterra) - Bluegreen - Celebrity - Marriott - Hyatt - Hilton & Hilton Grand Vacations - Worldmark/Trendwest - ILX - Westgate - Disney Vacation Club - Shell Vacations Club

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Timeshares are not all the same. There are as many different types of timeshare as their are owners. Timeshares may be annual or bi-annual, they might be floating week timeshares or set week. These are but just a few of the different types of timeshare resales to name a few. We have divided this information into 4 categories. Each section provides information about the three areas of timeshare resales (sellers info - buyers info - renters info). Whatever the situation the information provided continues to be a must read before making your move.

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The next area deals with frequently asked questions we receive at Resorts Transfer regarding timeshare resales

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